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Why choose Culminar?

  • Culminar will help you clearly define your objectives, develop a customized process for tracking progress, and celebrate your successes. We listen carefully to our clients' stories, assess their unique situations, and utilize resources that will promote growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Culminar mean?

  • Culminar is the Portuguese & Spanish word for "culminate". Not only does our name emphasize growth & direction, it is recognized and understood across multiple languages, cultures, and countries.

Why does Culminar have a triple focus on coaching, consulting, and community building?

  • All human beings are part of a bigger web - the global ecosystem. Helping individuals, organizations, and even entire communities to recognize, value, and celebrate their distinctive contributions to this global web is how Culminar seeks to make the world a better place.

Are Culminar's services expensive?

  • Culminar's fees are in keeping with current professional rates for consulting & coaching. We value the expertise and wisdom of our staff and think you will too. We believe our rates are both reasonable and affordable.

Can I trust that Culminar's work will be worth my investment?

  • We are convinced that sustainable change is best achieved through nurturing continuing relationships with our clients. This approach provides more lasting value than one-time seminars or surveys.

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