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Timothy T. Stoller, Ph.D.


I’ve come a long way from the little Indiana farm where I grew up. I've lived, worked, and studied in eight states and three foreign countries. I love learning & traveling; both have expanded my mind and horizons in so many enriching ways.

Throughout my career I have helped numerous organizations and individuals discover their callings, improve their performance, and find creative new ways of thriving. Culminar provides me with the opportunity to coordinate my experience, passion, and education into a common enterprise.

What I Bring to My Work:

  • Leadership experience in/across multiple settings: government, higher education & nonprofits

  • 20+ years of teaching & mentoring

  • Rigorous and respected coach training

  • Familiarity with a variety of coaching models, tools, and assessments

  • Love of metaphor, story, and personal narrative

  • Curiosity, creativity, and compassion



  • Duquesne University: Pittsburgh, PA        P.C.

  • University of Iowa: Iowa City, IA             Ph.D.

  • Luther Seminary: St. Paul, MN                M.Div.

  • Wheaton College: Wheaton, IL                B.A.


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