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  • Career Coaching – Contemplating changing careers or are already in the midst of a professional transition? A Culminar Coach will help you find not only the types of careers that best fit your personality, but that best fit your values as well.

  • Midlife Assessment – Feel like you’ve wound up in a place you didn’t intend to be? A Culminar Midlife Assessment will you get on the right track. Too few people take the time to invest in themselves. Aren’t you worth it?

  • Retirement Coaching - Retirement isn’t about checking out, it's about taking charge: of your time, your resources, and your life narrative. A Culminar Coach will assist your transition from work to retirement and help you develop a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Relationship Coaching – Whether you’re seeking to build a stronger relationship or to move on from one that has ended, a Culminar Coach will provide you with the support and resources to strengthen your relationships in the future.

  • Entrepreneur Coaching - If you are starting your own business, a Culminar Coach can walk with you through the entire process, keeping you motivated and on track.

  • Topical Coaching – Stuck on an issue & not sure how to proceed? A Culminar Coach will help you explore new perspectives and get moving again.


  • Leadership Coaching – Culminar Coaches provide leaders with the mental resources they need to perform at their peak and to lead their organizations competently and caringly through challenging times.

  • Team Coaching – Connected teams are more profitable. Contracting with a Culminar Coach is a great way to invest in your organization’s team development.

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